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You have to see this! I babysit my grandson, before we bought the EdenPURE® we had to shut off an old propane heater in fear of him burning his hands or worse! Now look at this! Love your product!
Laury Jetty

This is an unsolicited testimony from a very satisfied new owner of an EdenPURE® Sun Twin 1500, I have read all the ads and hype and used to think it was bunk, but now after using this heater for just one day I truly can attest to its value, and warmth... I am a sixty one year old diabetic who gets cold often, and even though i have a new furnace it just did not heat the room where I spend most of my time, now I just turn on the Sun Twin and twenty minutes later the entire room is totally warm and comfortable and very cozy.. I would recommend this heater to anyone who has trouble keeping warm in the cold of winter and in northwest Illinois it gets really cold and windy..You can buy and use this heater with complete confidence and assurance that it will keep you warm all winter long...
Bruce Roberts  Sterling, IL 

I just have a comment. This heater does exactly what you say it does!!! We saved 66% on our gas bill last month and i have the bills to prove it. Truly Unbelievable!! We tell everyone about it that comes into our home. We live in wisconsin and we still have not turned on our furnace and it is the middle of December!!
Becky D.  Janesville, WI

The EdenPURE® Gen 4 is great. I have purchased 4 of them.2 for myself and 2 for my son. I have a 2400 Square ft. house. It has to be really cold for my furnace to come on. Yea I recommend this heater for safety and efficiency.

Douglas R. Florala AL.

We just got our 1500, the heat is so soft feeling.  I was skeptical at first but your product is exactly what you claim.  Thanks!
Kirk R.  Devils Lake, MI

We have been using 1500 watt space heaters to try to keep our gas prices down.  Now that we got the Sun-Twin it put out way more heat and it does not dry out the bedrooms. My son stopped having bloody noses! Thanks
Carrie D.  Bedford, CA

I wished we would have known about this sooner.  It has really reduced our gas bill this past month.
Oscar W.  Pittsburg, PA

Dear Affordable Heat, thank you for your patience with me. I know I had a lot of questions. You answered them all. I now have my heater and it is very cozy. It is so amazing how the heat stays low and keeps the moisture. We love it.
Skeptical no more... Barb M. Denver, CO

The EdenPURE® is the most remarkable product that I have tried in years. All of the claims hold true. Not only did it eliminate the dust in my house, I have not had a sinus headache or scratchy throat since I began using it. The whole house smells fresh and clean. You would never be able to tell that I have two dogs and a cat. It is also nice not to have to bother changing filters. You just plug it in, turn it on and forget about it. It is truly refreshing to use a product that does everything that it is supposed to do and more.
Michelle Goldsmith

The EdenPURE® that I used in my apartment for approximately a week was different than any air purifier that I have tried. Everyone was able to take deeper breathes than normal in the apartment. My cats now stay in the room more when someone is smoking. They would not before. My boyfriend's allergies were unnoticeable when he was inside. I personally like the fresh smell the EdenPURE® let off.
Jenny Klco

I have terrible sinus problems. I'm also allergic to dog and cat dander, grass, dust, and ragweed. Before using the EdenPURE® I had to take antihistamines and use allergy/sinus nasal spray. I was embarrassed because my eyes were red and I always sounded like I had a cold. I then got the amazing EdenPURE®. I plugged in the EdenPURE and went about my daily duties when I suddenly noticed I wasn't coughing or wheezing or clearing my throat. This was incredible. The EdenPURE® really works! I am so happy. My eyes are clear and I can breath. I've tried many other air purifiers, they're all in my storage room with other failed products. The EdenPURE® truly does what it claims to do.
Diane C. Vance

I've purchased 5 of your EdenPURE® air purifiers. I'm delighted with mine, the others I have given to our 3 daughters. I've set my EdenPure on top of the refrigerator and I'm impressed with the quietness when it's on. It has caused me to sleep better at night. Also, I know it has helped my sinus condition. It removes every and all room odors - that part I truly love. Then there is no cleaning to do, no filters to remove, all in one compact unit. I love it!! I have never owned a room air purifier before. This EdenPURE® is great!!
Mrs. Pluma Litherland

Before using your EdenPURE® air purifier, I was getting up several times in the night with my air passages clogged up as I am suffering with asthma. EdenPure has helped me breathe better and with less medication, with their undesirable side effects. The whole house smells clean and fresh, even the neighbors noticed. We have a lot of sand dust living at the beach on a peninsula between the ocean and the bay near Eureka, California in Humbalt Bay. Even my dog is happier because I feel like playing with her more.
Thank you,
Marta F. Tennant

"I have been enjoying the benefits of EdenPURE® for approximately two months. It's wonderful. Our home has a damp basement - we have a problem with mildew! The EdenPURE® has improved the air in our living area as well as our bedrooms. When we would enter our home you would smell a musty odor. That is a thing of the past since we have been using EdenPURE®. Also, cooking and smoking and other household odors have been eliminated. We were impressed how quickly EdenPURE® refreshed our home air. Thank you for a great product. I have tried several similar products - only EdenPURE® has been satisfactory."
James Heskin

 This will be my 4th year using an EdenPURE® unit to heat my home. I work with the public and tell people about this heater all the time. If mine broke today, I would go buy another one immediately! Belive me, with no hesitation at all. I live in an 1855 log cabin. My heating oil bills for a winter season used to be near $2000. The EdenPURE® unit has has cut that figure down to under $700. People ask, what about your electric bill. You have to understand. My EdenPURE® runs on a 110, my furnace runs on a 220. In the worst of winter my electric may have went up $20. a month with my EdenPURE®. Boy, I hate to see what it would have been to run my furnace alone to heat my big two story farm house! I see testimonies of people that have not used this for very long, and they are happy. I know I will not be without one! I couldn't afford to be! I get my oil tank topped off each month. My oil man thought I was using a wood burner. He couldn't believe it. I've probably talked many folks into trying one. And I won't stop trying to convice more. Its a blessing that needs shared. Thanks for creating such a product!

Laura K.


This is our 2nd winter using the Gen4. Living on Lake Michigan our Winters are brutal. Our home is heated with Propane - we now keep our furnace at 60 degrees. What a SAVINGS! Buying one for our Son now for Christmas.

Pat C. MI

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